Refocusing Scopes of Photon Journal


Dear respected Authors,

We inform you that Journal Photon carries out a program refocusing the coverage of the publication manuscripts into the fields of Science and Technology with coverage of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environment, Computing, and Modeling. The Photon name has also been transformed as "Photon: Journal of Natural Sciences and Technology", with two editions each year in November and May. The change is effective starting with the November 2023 edition of Volume 14 No. 1. This change is in line with the vision of UMRI and the Editorial Team for Go International. Thus, the language of the future manuscript will begin to be gradually translated into English.

We recommend the As-Shiha Journal (Photon's Sister Journal ) for the publication of Health fields. Link of jurnal As-Shiha 

Thank you.

Sri Fitrya Retnawaty
Editor in Chief