• Catur Suharinto IPS Medik RSUP DR M DJamil, Jl Perintis kemerdekaan, Padang, Sumatera Barat


Sentinel events are Unexpected Events that result in death, permanent injury, or temporary serious injury and require intervention to maintain life, both physical and psychological, which is not related to the course of the disease or the patient's condition. One of the sentinel events at the Hospital was the incident of kidnapping a baby. The optimal level of security is eeded in preventing abduction incidents, without reducing the comfort of the object being secured. To take part in an effort to prevent incidents of baby abduction, the authors are interested in designing a prototype of a bracelet to prevent baby abduction. The basic principle of the bracelet prototype is to pair two Bluetooth modules that have been permanently set as a pairing couple. When communication between two Bluetooth modules is disconnected because the distance is too far away, or one of the Bluetooth modules is damaged it will trigger an alarm so that the baby kidnapping can be anticipated


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