The Influence of Informal Leadership Scholars to Encourage The Participation of Rural Communities for Economic Development

  • Nanang Yusroni
  • Umar Chadhiq
Keywords: Cleric, Development, Community Participation, Rural


In the context of economic development must be tailored to the characteristics, as well as the background of the communities concerned, the understanding of the community of the village is actually a key to the success of rural development. Community development pastoral correctly that is not in conflict with the understanding of society, based on values and norms prevailing in the society. From the aspect of communicators development, Scholars in in a region, be a role model and a central figure who relatively has a great influence in mobilizing community participation. However during this time the role of the clergy in mediating the relationship between the government and the people as well as form a variety of public opinion less is maximized whereas the aspect of message construction, the use of a book the development of the economy by the role of non-formal cleric also has its own power. The population of this research is to include all large families in the village gogodalem kecamatan bringin kabupaten semarang, and the determination of the samples were taken by proportional random sampling with a total sample set 79 of the family. The analysis used to test the hypothesis using the formula Kendall's Tau (T) and Kendall W


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