Learning Circles to Accelerate 4CS

  • Buhaerah
  • Siri Dangnga Muhammad
  • Irmayani
  • Fatahuddin


4CS acceleration is not fully supported by educators. As reported by several researchers, including; Not a few teachers in the practice of learning only present the material, and provide examples to students. As a result, the process of building knowledge is less successful, and there is a tendency for students to always be guided or given instructions, especially in solving problems. The main focus of this research is learning activities and efforts to improve learning. During the learning activities, the researcher was directly involved from the beginning to the end. In this case, the researcher acts as a planner, designer, implementer, data collector, data analyzer, and research reporter. By looking at the characteristics of this research, namely research starting from practical problems in the classroom, research through self-reflection, the focus of research is learning activities and aims to improve learning, then based on Lambas' statement above, the type of research that is by this research is classroom action research. Problem-solving process to accelerate 4CS can improve student learning outcomes. The stages of accelerating 4CS which involve mathematical processes include: identifying and justifying concepts, solving problems, generalizing and analyzing algorithms.


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