Validity of the Expert System based VIT Model (Vocational Interest Test)

  • Vitriani
  • Sarjon Defit
  • Ambiyar
  • Gunawan Ali
  • Ari Andriyas Puji
  • Robby Satria


The purpose of this study was to produce a
valid expert system-based VIT (Vocational Interest Test)
model. Recruitment or student admission plays an
important role for the success of a vocational education.
Therefore, using a valid student admission tool is
important which will result good and quality students,
and this can be seen in the admission process through the
right means and tools. The novelty of the product
developed was to be able to calibrate vocational interest
instruments developed from Holland's theory with
information technology and knowledge based system. This
research product is in accordance with the Vocational
Education Spectrum which consists of 9 Areas of
Expertise, 48 Expertise Programs and 142 Expert
Competencies that are in line with 21st Century
Competencies to produce a vocational interest test model
and a vocational interest software based on innovative
expert system and in supporting the right decision making
(Decision Support System). The type of research used is
Research and Development (R & D) using the Four-D
(4D) model. To produce valid products, expert validity is
used. Based on the data analysis, the results of the study
were obtained: (a) Book of Vocational Interest Test
model, (b) Vocational Interest Test Software Product, (c)
Application Usage Handbook, (d) Vocational Interest Test
Socialization Handbook that has fulfilled the valid terms
and conditions .


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