SO2 Pollutant Distribution Model Using Gaussian Method for Multiple Point Sources (Case Study in PLTMG Duri)

  • Yulia Fitri
  • Ayu Marina Devyatno
  • Sri Fitria Retnawaty


Duri Machine and Gas Power Plant
(PLTMG) is a company, built by the State
Electricity Company (PT PLN) in Riau Province.
This PLTMG deploys High Speed Diesel (HSD) and
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuel. In this research,
a SO2 pollutant distribution model from 4 active
chimneys in PLTMG Duri has been made by using
Gaussian dispersion. The results of the model show
that SO2 Emission from HSD fuels have higher
concentrations than in HSD fuels. The highest
concentration at 2m receptor height occurs at a
distance of 250 m from the chimney. The
concentration of SO2 emissions in the air produced
by PLMTG Duri is still below the quality standard
(PP No. 41 of 1999).


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