Analysis Of Organizational Development In Islamic First School Integrated Dar El Iman Padang

  • Boy Candra
  • Sri Atul Azmi
  • Syahril
  • Rusdinal


To get a better and growing school it is
necessary to develop a good organization too.
Development organizations are practices in
establishing cooperation which is well between leaders
and employees, teachers, and the parties are
interested in achieving the purpose of the
organization. An institution that managed to be seen
from the increasing achievement of objectives from
year to year. The results of the research that has been
conducted by the authors note that the analysis of the
development of the organization in SMP IT Dar El
Iman done with some few technical developmet of the
organization, namely the survey feedback, sensitivity
training, team building, and alternative work. The
conclusion that can be drawn from the research this
is that the strategy of development of the organization
in SMP IT Dar El Iman is already enough to go


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