Investigating Learners’ Ability on Pronouncing Ending –s/es on the Application Existed in Android

  • Vina Fathira
  • Silvia Utami


This research was done to gain the
information in investigating learners’ ability in
pronunciation on the application existed in the android.
The limitation of the research was in pronouncing ending
–s/es. The aim of the research was to investigate learners’
ability in pronouncing ending –s/es existed in android.
The method of this research was qualitative. The
population and sample of this research was the fourth
semester learners of STIBA Persada Bunda in academic
year 2018/2019. There were 8 learners as population as
well as sample in this research. The data collection
technique was gained by asking the learners to choose 30
multiple choices of ending –s/es by matching the
pronunciation on the application existed in android. The
questions consisted of three parts of question; first was
sounding /s/, second was sounding /z/, third was sounding
/ɪz/. Then, after collecting the data, the researchers
analyzed and investigated the test of each learner. The
result of this research showed that the learners’ ability in
pronouncing ending –s/es is in “fairly good” level with
score 56,67. Based on the result, it showed that the
learners tend to answer ending –s/es with sounding /s/
because the learners were still confused lack of
knowledge in understanding the theory of pronunciation
ending –s/es.


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