Analysis and Implications of the Information Equity System Model for Coastal Communities

  • Steffi Adam
  • Suryo Widiantoro
  • Ummul Fitri Afifah
  • Marfuah


Riau Islands Provincial Medium-Term
Development Plan for 2016-2021, was explained that
investment opportunities in Riau Islands began to get into
coastal areas. For this reason, coastal communities are
expected to be able to support the realization of these
investments. In Batam City, there are still many coastal
areas that are far from the city center, and are located on
small islands. For communities in small islands, equal
distribution of information is needed. The Batam City
Government has tried to distribute evenly information
through information technology, such as internet, that has
get into small islands. But unfortunately, the existence of
internet access on small islands has not been maximized.
Although coastal communities have commonly used the
internet through smartphones, the internet is still widely
used only as entertainment such as playing online games,
or social media. This study aims to develop a concept for
system development that can be used to present
information needed by coastal communities to increase
productivity and quality of education for coastal
communities. The system will show the informations that
convenient with the needs of coastal communities. This
system will be built with the Agile method with an
extreme programming approach. The steps in this study
begin with understanding the process of exchanging
information that occurs in coastal communities, then
identifying the needs of coastal communities. The results
of this study are a framework for how the system can run
to present framework will also facilitate the development
of the system in the future.


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