Needs Analysis as a First Step Designing English for Specific Purposes Programs

  • Triana Ramdha
  • Richa Fionasari


This paper is aimed to investigate the
perceived English language needs of students at
Faculty of Law in University of Riau as a solid
base of a syllabus for an ESP program by
determining the needs of the participants.
Therefore, it should be based on a careful and
systematic need analysis which includes the
purpose to learn English, the learners, and the
specific English language skill that becomes the
target. Two groups of students of varying
proficiency levels participated in the study. A
need analysis questionnaire was administered
to collect data that was analyzed by using
SPSS. It was concluded that the extent of ESP
needs perception held by the students was very
high, about 85% of students thought ESP
courses are useful and helpful for the future
job. Plus, the English skill needed most was
speaking skill and students with the higher
English proficiency held significant difference
from the lower on interest in English learning.


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