Comparative Analysis of Two-Way Concrete Slabs using the Direct Planning Method with the Equivalent Frame Method

  • Widya Apriani


The choice of method in planning the slabhas regulated in the latest regulations on reinforced concrete in Indonesia. However, the selection of the mostoptimal process of utilization in the field needs to be examined to get a more efficient structural cost. The design of reinforced concrete slabs is base on applicable standards regulated in SNI 2847: 2013. Therefore, a twoway plate study is carried out using the direct design method and the equivalent frame method — the analysis
to show on the Ultimate bending moment that results from loading. The results compared with using the Equivalent method. The results obtained are the value of the bending moment and area of reinforcement and the number of reinforcement. Based on the analysis, the equivalent skeletal method is superior in several factors. From the ultimate moment factor obtained by a deviation of 74.12%. From the ratio of rates has a deviation of 13.08% and is based on the number of reinforcement that is more or less simple.


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