Design Of Formalin Use Investigation System In Food Using Android-Based Tcs34725 Color Sensor

  • Neneng Fitrya
  • Shabri Putra Wirman
  • Riri Gusfita


A system design has been made that functions
to investigate formalin in food. This tool uses a color sensor
(RGB) with type TCS34725 which can be accessed through
an android phone to display the contained formalin
contamination. In general, this system consists of four
parts, namely the color sensor, Arduino Nano CH340,
Bluetooth HM-10, and Android. Samples tested were
chicken and beef. The concentration of formalin given was
0%, 2% and 5%. The data collection process was repeated
15 times for each type of food sample. Indicators that
appear on the display are color. Green indicates that the
sample is not contaminated, while the red color indicates
that the sample is contaminated with formalin. Testing
formalin contamination of beef and chicken meat samples
has an accurate value of 99%.


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