Design of Batako Molding Machine Using Value Engineering Method

  • Satriardi
  • St. Nova Meirizha
  • Jonatan B. Parulian


The method used in repairing this batako molding machine is the value engineering. In using this method, an initial design is needed, where there are problems experienced when making batako machine.The resulting mold is not good, so an assessment of the brick madewas carried out. The results are not satisfactory making the product as reference for improvement. This method consists of six general stages, which can be used in this improvement, namely: the information stage, the creative stage, the evaluation stage, the planning stage, the reporting stage, and the implementation stage. After implementing the new way of working using a batako molding machine with a new design, a comparison is made to determine whether the repair effort is effective or not. For this reason, the calculation of the value of each tool is calculated. From the results of calculations, it is known that an increase in improvement from machine with the old design to a machine with a new design


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