Factors Related With Expectant Mothers to Take Antenatal Care In the North Kampar Health Center Working Area

  • Miratu Megasari
  • Ani Triana


Antenatal care examination visit is an
activity to check the condition of the pregnancy
carried out by the pregnant woman to the place of
the health care worker at least four times during
pregnancy. In the working area of Public Health
Center North Kampar the ANC coverage data
decreased from 2014 to 2015, namely KI 86% and
K4 71.83%. This study aims to determine the
determinant factors associated with antenatal care
examination visits. This research is quantitative
observational analytic with analytic cross sectional
design. With a population of 229 people and a
sample of 194 people were taken by Systematic
Random Sampling. Data analysis was performed
univariate, bivariate with Chi Square test and
multivariate with multiple logistic regression test.
The results of this study showed the proportion of
postpartum mothers who did not regularly visit the
ANC was 91 people (46.9%). Multivariate results
that were significantly related to regular ANC
visits were parity p value 0.002 POR 2.620 (95%
CI 1.430 - 5.506). The need for awareness of
pregnant women on regular pregnancy checks to
health workers and spacing or spacing the
pregnancy to reduce the risk of pregnancy
complications. Health workers also need to
actively increase pregnancy visits through home
visits if pregnant women do not conduct


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