The Strategic Planning Formulation in Public Organization

  • Saputra, Suyono


The competition of investment destination
among the free trade zones has encouraged the agencies
and managers to be more creative and innovative in
providing attraction for foreign investment to come into
the region. The main objectives of a free trade zones were
boosting foreign investment, creating jobs, transferring
technology, and increasing foreign exchange flows. It might
become an indicators for the success of the FTZ if the
management can booster its function as an agent of change
for the domestic economic growth. In order to achieve the
target, it need a strategic planning mechanism from the
manager to anticipate all changes that occur in the external
environment and evaluate the implementation of activities
and programs that have been prepared with other
stakeholders. This study identifies several variables that
support the strategic planning process and formulates it
into a model that can help organizations managing FTZ to
achieve effectiveness and organizational performance.
These variables are goal setting, stakeholder involvement,
resources and budget allocation, external environment,
and performance measurement. By using the content
analysis method of published scientific articles, this study
has successfully formulated a strategic planning process
model that can help organizations achieving their ultimate


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