Design and Fuel Consumption Analysis of Betel Nut Dryer With Capacity 25 kg

  • Mutriadi
  • Muhammad Sarep
  • Sunaryo
  • Japri
  • Legisnal Hakim


The purpose of betel nut drying is to make it easier to separate the contents of betel nut with the betel nut skin. There are 2,000 Rupiah value added for every kg of dried betel nut compared to wet betel nut price. Drying time using dryers is less than conventional drying by using sunlight which need two days for drying, our dryer only needs 1,5 hours. Drying cost is expected to reduce by using biomass materials for dryer fuel. The cheapest drying cost obtained by using rambutan twigs, there are need 8,7 kg rambutans twigs with 1740 Rupiah cost per cycle. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) gives the best drying uniformity with 3.05 standard deviation.1


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