It-Based: The Concept of SMME Equity Empowerment of Monitoring System Analysis

  • Marfuah
  • Steffi Adam


Small Micro Medium Entreprises (SMME) is
a national economic support. It consists of micro, small, and
medium enterprises through entrepreneurship it self.
SMME has important role in reducing unemployment and
poverty rate, providing vacancies, increasing prosperity, and
constructing character of the nation. The small enterprise
has some advantages compares to the medium one which
are the capability of accommodating employee, local
resources oriented, and flexible. Considering those points,
SMME should be developed by including training in SMME
field into account. There have been some coaching,
training, and counseling related to SMME from various
sources as in goverment and lecturers from particular
educational institution. Furthermore, regarding the
development of SMME, there are some problems that can be
identified such as difficulties in looking for resource person
who is suitable at his/her speciality in order to solve the
problems in it, overlapping training, unsustainable training,
no more further coordination between SMME and resource
person after the training or workshop is done. All these
problems generally happened because there is no accurate
data and information regarding the kind of training that
have been attended, SMME network,and What sort of
problem that particular SMME face. This study identifies
the concept of SMME equity empowerment of monitoring
analysis IT-based, using extreme programming development
approach. Starting by having an understanding on the
process of business and identifying users' needs. Moreover,
The framework in this case pictures how the system runs in
a process of business based on users' needs. This analysis
concept makes the development of system easier in the


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