The Organization Resources and Performance: The Influence of Human Capital on Creative SMEs Sharia-Based

  • Qomariah Lahamid
  • Nurlasera Nurlasera


This study focuses on creative sharia-based
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Riau Province
as no studies have been previously investigated the issue
on human capital in sharia-based SMEs. Sharia-based
SMEs is a new phenomenon in Indonesia. The study aims
to investigate the influence of human capital towards
organizations resources and performance of creative
sharia based SMEs in Pekanbaru Riau. The samples
undertaken 40 owners of creative SMEs sharia based
which were selected based on purposive sampling
technique. The data was employed using Structural
Equation Modelling (SEM) with Wrap PLS approach.
The results of the analysis showed that human capital has
a significant influence towards the organization resources
and the performance of creative SMEs sharia based. It is
also demonstrated that the organization resources does
not significantly influence the performance of creative
sharia based SMEs. This research recommends creative
SMEs sharia based to consider the human capital aspect
in building the organization resources and improving the


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