Influence of Star Fruit and Bamboo Sprout on Nutritional and Organoleptic Values on Nugget From Snakehead Murrel and Jackfruit Seed Flour

  • Hasmalina Nasution
  • Ria Susana
  • Rahmiwati Hilma


This study aims to determine the effect of
adding starfruit extracts and bamboo sprout on
snakehead murrel nuggets substituted with jackfruit
seed flour on nutritional value and storage time. The
addition of starfruit extracts and bamboo sprout in fish
nuggets serves as an antioxidant and antibacterial. This
study uses a Completely Randomized Design (CRD)
consisting of 4 variations of the composition (NG0,
NG1, NG2, and NG3) and stored for 6 weeks in the
refrigerator. Observation data were analyzed with
ANOVA and continued with the Tukey test. F test
analysis on the variation of 4 compositions significantly
showed significant differences (P <0.05) on water
content, protein, fat, crude fiber and organoleptic
values (color, odor, taste and texture). The best value is
obtained in the treatment of NG3 with 43.77% water
content, 9.59% protein content, 1.76% fat content and
1.18% crude fiber content. The results obtained meet
the SNI 7758-2013 quality standard requirements.


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