Modification of Kenaf Fibers Composite and Empty Oil Palm Bunch With Silane Coupling Agent Addition

  • Delovita Ginting
  • Shabri Putra Wirman
  • Yogi Muharman Lubis


This study reports the effect of coating
Silane Coupling Agent (SCA) on composite surfaces with
different formulation variations of 0%, 0.25%, 0.50%,
0.75%, 1% in weight fraction to the mass of kenaf fiber
composites and empty oil palm bunches using epoxy resin.
Composites made from composite particulate passing 50
mesh sieves. The particle board compacting process was
carried out using a Hydrolic Press compacting machine
with a pressure of 20 Bars, holding time 10 minutes in the
initial stages, and continued using a Hot Press compacting
machine with a pressure of 20 Bars, temperature 150 oC,
holding time 15 minutes. The process of treating the
Silane Coupling Agent solution on the composite surface
is done manually layered on the composite surface.
Composites were tested for flexibility using the Universal
Testing Machine Galdabini Gallarate referring to ASTM
D 790-03 and tested for density using ASTM D 792-13.
Composites in this study have fulfilled SNI 03-3527-1994
type III strong class so that the kenaf composite and
empty oil palm bunches can be used as an alternative
replacing wood in buildings with high densities ranging
from 1,1 – 1,3 g/cm3.


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