North Rupat Island Governance Development as Rural Area Cultural Tourism of Bengkalis Regency in Destination Branding

  • Noor Efni Salam
  • Yasir
  • Nurjanah


Administratively Rupat Island located in
Bengkalis Regency of Riau Province, which currently
developing into a tourism area, both nature and cultural
tourism. This area specificly has a rural area cultural
tourism such as, customs, daily life, traditional
architecture, and rural spatial structure. The aim of this
research is to analyze government regulation that has
been compile in Rupat Island development as a cultural
tourism rural and the gate of Bengkalis Regency’s Malay
Cultural. To explore the government efforts of building
the public space in Rupat Island as the rural area cultural
tourism in destination branding, and find out the locals,
entrepreneurs, and businees people real involvement in
creating destination branding-based infrastructure, and
desire to compile the development infrastructure towards
the growth of cultural tourism rural and another sectors
that has been supporting the living of society in this area.
This research use qualitative method, obtaining the data
with interview, observation and enough reference. The
result of this research, shows that government hasn’t act
based on the regulation regarding North Rupat Island
with tourism rural awareness. Regardless, this research
able to find some main potential related to public space
specificly eventful public space on the Island as starter
community for rural area cultural tourism. Local society,
stakeholder and the media also keep on giving their
support towards the developtment following the
acceleration growth of infrastructure.


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