The Concept of Indonesian Welfate State: A Maqasid Al Shariah Welafre Index Perspective

  • Elviandri
  • Khudzaifah Dimyati
  • Absori


This article examines empirical facts about market and state failures in improving people's welfare in Indonesia. The corporatocracy's hegemony, capitalism and neoliberalism do not provide a place for such country to make policies in generating prosperity. Therefore, a new concept is needed to create essential welfare. The concept of Indonesia welfare has been elaborated through the theory of maqȃsid al syarȋ’ah. The characteristic of Indonesian Welfare is by making Pancasila as the spirit and soul of the country (moral - spiritual). There are close relationships between religion and country (socio-religious) such as rests on the Godhead of the One (prophetic-transcendental), Guarantee of welfare and social justice for the whole community, Freedom of religion and worshipping (liberation - humanization) and the actualization of happy laws.


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