Islam and Terorism in the Discourse Analysis of Riau Mass Media

  • Aidil Haris
  • Asrinda Amalia


This study aims to analyze the attitudes and
media discourse towards labeling of terrorists against
Islam. Data was collected using interview and a review of
news about terrorists in Pekanbaru. Informants included
are those who were in charge of reporting to each
newspaper. This study deploys Fairclough CDA model of
critical discourse analysis procedure consisting of three
stages, description, interpretation and explanation. The
results showed that the attitudes and discourse shown by
two media essentially put forward the true values of
journalism, such fair, independent, objective and factual.
However, the attitude was precisely trapped in Western
discourse such an effort to fight Islam as a terrorist
religion. This research contributes to media efforts to
gatekeeping news about terrorists, so that they are not
trapped into Islamophobia by the western perspectives.


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