The Effect of Oxytocin Massage to Breastfeeding Production of Breastfeeding Mothers

  • Ani Triana
  • Yulrina Ardhiyanti
  • Hetty Ismainar
  • Hastuti Marlina


Oxytocin massage is a massage that aims to
provide comfort to the mother so that it does not inhibit
the secretion of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin in
producing milk. This massage is done by massage along
the spine (vertebrae) to the fifth or sixth costae bone. The
purpose of this study is to find out the effect of oxytocin
massage on breast milk expenditure in breastfeeding
mothers. This type of research is quantitative with Quasi
Experiment design. The population is all breastfeeding
mothers in BPM Khairani Asnita from February to
March 2016 with 17 samples of the experiment and 17
samples of the control. Bivariate data analysis uses
nonparametric test, namely Wilcoxon. The results showed
that milk production before and after oxytocin massage
with pvalue of 0.004 meant that there was a significant
influence on oxytocin massage given to breastfeeding
mothers before oxytocin massage with after oxytocin
massage. It is recommended to midwives to promote
oxytocin massage and teach oxytocin massage to the class
of pregnant women and motivate the participation of the
husband to succeed in exclusive breastfeeding.


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