Jurnal FASILKOM (teknologi inFormASi dan ILmu KOMputer) is a Double Blind peer-review Journal dedicated for the publication of a qualified research results in a scope of Information Technology. The journal releases periodically 3 times a year on April, August, and December. all the published article in jurnal FASILKOM (teknologi inFormASi dan ILmu KOMputer) are open for access, which allows the article accessible for free online without subscription. 

Scopes dan Aim

Jurnal FASILKOM (teknologi inFormASi dan ILmu KOMputer) accept scientific articles on the scopes of:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Networks and Distributed Systems
  3. Computer Vision and Image Processing
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Cryptography and Data Security
  6. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  7. IOT

And all the articles have a primary citation and never been published online or printed before.

Each article submitted is going through the process of template matching and plagiarism check by Turnitin. if there are any major plagiarism indicated, then the article will be declined and not being able to continue to the review process.

And let us inform all authors that started from Volume 13. number 1. April 2023, our journal will prefer papers written in English.