Membangun Cloud Menggunakan Docker Pada Implementasi Load Balancing dan Pengujian Algoritma Round Robin Pada Web Server

  • Januar Al Amien
  • Evans Fuad Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau
  • Imamuddin


Along with the development of the world of technology and information, web site providers offer easy access and
information provided by the cloud, which is inseparable from a server that is reliable and fast in calculating
very large amounts of traffic, so there are still many problems in developing better services , such as new
services, but the high price of physical devices is a reason for services that are not able to upgrade traffic
demand into higher resources. Therefore Docker who supports container-based virtualization technology is the
answer to the resources of physical devices. By using technology containers, physical servers can create
multiple virtual servers using multiple resources such as memory and CPU load, different virtual containerbased

virtualization technologies. engine because it does not use the resources as a whole, but only uses the
services that are needed. It is expected that implementing a technology based container docker with load
balancing can increase the number of services with minimal resources.


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