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The research is aimed to effect of therapy of cupping to the levels of cholesterol &nbsp;hypercholesterolemia in Tibbun Nabawi Center RSIA Zainab Pekanbaru with the design of the study . non- experimental cross sectional descriptive study, design This is a design study that the observations made are simultaneously at a time ( all the time). Samples of research this is 53 the respondents were drawn based on the criteria of inclusion using techniques nonprobality sampling the types of purposive sampling. Tools measure that is used is the data of patients whobruise in the year 2018. The analysis that is used is the analysis of univariate to determine the distribution of frequencies and bivariate using test Wilcoxon . Results of the study show from 53 people respondents who experienced hypercholesterolemia . as many as 14 people experienced adecrease. The results of the test statistic obtained results are significant with p value (0.000 ) &amp;lt; α (0.05),so it can be concluded that the cupping effect to decrease the levels of cholesterol in the blood in patients with hypercholesterolemia . It is expected that the community could use the therapy of cupping to overcome the diseasehypercholesterolemia . And can be concluded that the therapy cupping effect to decrease the levels of cholesterol in the blood in patients with hypercholesterolemia in Tibbun Nabawi Center.</em></p> 2020-05-16T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Isnaniar, Wiwik Norlita, Dikki Irma Wiradinata Ketajaman Penglihatan Berdasarkan Intensitas Bermain Game Pada Anak SD Kelas 5 dan 6 di SD Al-Rasyid Pekanbaru 2020-09-22T18:22:54+07:00 Wiwik Norlita Isnaniar Tengku Wirdatul Hasanah <p><em>Eye is a sense of sight that humans have, through the human eye absorbs visual information used to carry out various activities. However, many problems with vision occur, ranging from mild disorders to severe disorders that can cause blindness. This sharp visual impairment is a problem in the community that will be encountered as long as there are no preventive measures from early on. Research Objectives To find out the visual acuity based on the intensity of playing games in 5th and 6th grade children of Al-Rasyid Elementary School Pekanbaru. This type of research is descriptive with the number of 75 class 5 and 6 respondents in Pekanbaru Al-Rasyid Elementary School. Data collection techniques in this study used a questionnaire and by measuring the sharpness of the eyes of respondents using snellen charts, visual sharpness was said to be normal ≥ 6/6. Sampling by simple random sampling means that sample taken researchers from grade 5 and 6 students at random who are willing to participate in research at Al-Rashid SD Pekanbaru on 14 to 18 February 2019. The results of study the general of the results of this study found that The number of 75 respondents regarding the description of visual acuity based on the intensity of playing games in grade 5 and 6 children at Al-Rasyid Elementary School Pekanbaru, obtained by children with normal vision as many as 52 respondents (69.3%) and children with abnormal vision as many as 23 respondents (30, 7%). Expected to parents is keep your eyes healthy children by reducing the time to play the game or give the child to play the gadget at certain times, in addition to the parents should be able to explain to their children about eye health and the impact of theplay, gamethen parents should increase knowledge about health and the impact of playing games.&nbsp;</em></p> 2020-05-16T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Wiwik Norlita, Isnaniar, Tengku Wirdatul Hasanah Gangguan Pola Siklus Haid pada Pesenam di Kota Pekanbaru 2020-05-17T08:55:38+07:00 Muhammad Muzakir Fahmi Syamsul Bahri Riva’i Nurlisis <p><em>The average menstrual cycle obtained in the average menstrual cycle survey results was 29.51 days. Some experienced menstrual cycles of more than 35 days (oligomenore) of 10.29% and menstrual cycles of less than 21 days (polimenore) of 1.5%. There are 26.47% with a duration of menstruation more than 8 days. Furthermore, in the turn of the pads with a mean of 2.99 times per day, replace the pads. But there are some excessive dressing changes (&gt; 3 times), while guessing that you experience excessive menstruation with a percentage of 23.5%. There were 63% of women having menstrual disorders with the highest type of disorder 91.7% of other disorders related to menstruation, followed by menstrual disorders 25%, and menstrual cycle disorders 5%. With the average duration of menstruation obtained at 7.16 days which still includes the normal range of 2 to 8 days. Then research was conducted to find out the dominant factors associated with menstrual cycle pattern disorders. With the aim of analyzing the factors associated with menstrual cycle pattern disturbances in gymnasts in the city of Pekanbaru in 2018. This type of cross-sectional analytic study used a sample of 210 gymnasts in the city of Pekanbaru with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Statistical test uses Bivariate (chi square) and Simple Linear Multivaritic Regression. Variables that are significantly associated with p-value 0.20 is 2.7 times the disease history variable at risk of menstrual cycle pattern disorders.</em></p> 2020-05-17T08:50:32+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Muhammad Muzakir Fahmi, Syamsul Bahri Riva’i, Nurlisis Korelasi Konflik Kerja Dengan Tingkatan Stres Kerja Pada Perawat Di Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Petala Bumi Provinsi Riau Tahun 2019 2020-09-22T18:24:22+07:00 Trisna Jayati <p>Prolonged stress can have an impact on reducing concentration, nurses become irritable with patients, increase absenteeism, disrupt sleep patterns, and reduce the quality of work by providing nursing care to patients. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of work conflict with the level of work stress on nurses at Petala Bumi Regional General Hospital, Riau Province in 2019. The type of research used was observational with analytic cross-sectional study design. The sample in this study was 101 nurses. Data analysis was performed univariate, bivariate and multivariate. The results of bivariate research variables work conflict related to the level of work stress are differences of opinion (p value = 0.002), misunderstanding (p value = 0.004), feeling disadvantaged (p value = 0.004) and feeling sensitive (p value = 0.004). Variables that have a causal relationship with work stress are differences of opinion, misunderstanding, feeling disadvantaged, sensitive feelings. The conclusion in this study is that there is a causal / multivariate relationship between differences of opinion, misunderstanding, feeling disadvantaged, feeling sensitive with an increase in work stress on nurses. It is recommended to the hospital, especially hospital management to take an intensive approach to nurses and supervise so that the source of the difference can be minimized and work that cannot be completed which can lead to disputes that cause stress.</p> 2020-05-22T09:04:42+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Trisna Jayati Determinan Kejadian Kanker Payudara Pada Wanita Di Rsud Arifin Achmad Provinsi Riau Tahun 2019 2020-05-31T21:36:28+07:00 Aulia Astri Syamsul Bahri Rivaí Sri Desfita Jasrida Yunita Nurlisis <p><em>Breast cancer is among the most discussed cancers because of its malignancy which often ends in death. Based on the 2013 Basic Health Research Data (Riskesdas), the number of breast cancer patients reached 61,682 cases in Indonesia. As in Riau Province according to the medical records of Arifin Achmad Regional Hospital, breast cancer ranks first with 325 cases out of 580 cases in Irna Surgical Cendrawasih in 2016. Purpose of this study was to determine the determinants of breast cancer incidence in women in Arifin Achmad Regional Hospital in Riau Province in 2019. This research uses a quantitative research design with a case control approach. The research instrument used was a questionnaire. The sampling technique was Consecutive Sampling. This research was conducted in May to July 2019. Case samples in this study were women who were diagnosed positive for breast cancer and control samples were women who were diagnosed with negative breast cancer. Univariate and bivariate data analysis with chi square test and multivariate analysis using Simple Logistic Regression test. The results showed the most dominant variables related to cause and effect with the incidence of breast cancer were a history of abortion 3.7 times, a history of hormonal contraceptive use 5.4 times, the age of first child birth&gt; 35 years 3 times, and the number of nulliparous children 2.3 times. It is expected that health workers and related institutions will be able to provide health education regarding the positive and negative impacts of contraceptive use, the importance of planning the marriage age and promoting family planning programs that have been launched by the government.</em></p> 2020-05-31T21:04:21+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Aulia Astri, Syamsul Bahri Rivaí, Sri Desfita, Jasrida Yunita, Nurlisis Perilaku Hygiene Organ Reproduksi Pada Remaja Putri Di Sman Olahraga Rumbai Pekanbaru 2020-05-31T21:36:25+07:00 Chairil Dien Fadilah <p><em>Background Behavioral hygiene of reproductive organs An effort of a person (young women) in improving health by maintaining the cleanliness of reproductive organs. Purpose: This study is to determine the hygiene behavior of reproductive organs in adolescent girls at Rumbai Pekanbaru High School sports. Method: The design of this study is the sampling technique probality sampling technique, amounting to 49 respondents, data collection using a questionnaire. Results: research conducted on January 28, 2019 obtained results about that respondents in the category of good behavior are all respondents, namely 49 respondents (100%).So the hygiene behavior of female students at the Rumbai Pekanbaru high school sports is included in the category of good behavior, but there are still some students who do not use tissue after BAK, do not use cotton pants, do not change pads in one day, use narrow underwear and do not use soap, because all include hygiene behavior in maintaining the cleanliness of the reproductive organs.</em></p> 2020-05-31T21:34:34+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Chairil, Dien Fadilah Aktivitas Antioksidan Teh Herbal Dari Campuran Daging Buah Pare (Momordica charantia L.), Jahe Merah (Zingiber officinalle Roscoe) Dan Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb) 2020-05-22T10:00:46+07:00 Musyirna Rahmah Nasution Syamira <p>Herbal tea is a formulation of herbal flowers, seeds, leaves, roots, and bark of various plants. It has affectiveness in energizing, healing constipation and approving immune. It has been done an experiment of antioxidant activity of herbal tea from the mixture of bitter melon (<em>Momordica charantia </em>L), red ginger (<em>Zingiber officinale </em>Roscoe) and curcuma (<em>Curcuma xanthorrhiza </em>Roxb). The purpose of this experiment is to make formulation of herbal tea that has strong antioxidant activity and preferably from a mixture of bitter melon (<em>Momordica charantia </em>L), red ginger (<em>Zingiber officinale </em>Roscoe) and curcuma&nbsp; (<em>Curcuma xanthorrhiza </em>Roxb) that has been dried at a temperature of 50-60°C.The activity of antioxidant is measured by DPPH method, meanwhile organoleptic is analyzed by hedonic method. The result of the experiment from 4 formulations indicates that high antioxidant activity is FIII based on analysis <em>one way </em>ANOVA and <em>Tukey </em>test 99% true. The compositions of FIII are 1,25 g bitter melon, 0,375 g red ginger and 0,375 g curcuma has high antioxidant in 97,25%. Hedonic test indicates FIII in liking category after added 2 g palm sugar and 5mL lemon.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2020-05-22T09:57:53+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Musyirna Rahmah Nasution, Syamira