System Detection and Prevention of Malware Wannacry Distribution Using Short Message Service

  • Agus Tedyyana Informatics Engineering Department, Polytechnic of Bengkalis Jl. Bathin Alam, Sungai Alam - Bengkalis


Internet network is not something new today. In almost every place like corporate, education, offices and even public places, have also found the Internet to facilitate the flow of information.In the daily life of the Internet network becomes one of the important needs. With the Internet network, it will be easier for us in terms of sharing of data and information. Computer network security system has become a major part of an important and need to be considered in an agency, as reported in some media either inside or outside the country, there has been a phenomenon WannaCry malware attacks in several countries, including Indonesia. This WannaCry malware attacks spread and massive character and attacking computer connected to the internet, to provide protection or protection on an Internet network to avoid the various external threats in order to avoid WannaCry malware attacks by using application Spreading Malware Detection and Prevention Based WannaCry Short Message Service. From the test results have shown that the system is capable of detecting interference or intrusion into the network connected to the network and the Internet through a router to the rejection of the action and then send alerts in the form of a short message via Short Message Service to the network administrator phone.


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