The Factors Affecting TOEFL Graduation Rates in the Intensive TOEFL Training Program, for Students of the English Tadris Study Program, STAIN Bengkalis

  • Salwa Salwa STAIN Bengkalis, Riau
  • Rini Fitria STAIN Bengkalis, Riau


Abstract. The purpose of this study is to examine the factors that influence the level
of TOEFL graduation of English Tadris students in the Intensive TOEFL Training
Program. The population in this study were 113 respondents. The results of this study
are Method variables (X1), Material (X2), Media (X3) and Instructor (X4) jointly
influence the student's TOEFL graduation rate of 89.2% while the rest (10.8%) are
influenced by other factors


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