Society Perspective towards Forest and Land in the Tenurial Conflict Area of Tesso Nilo National Park

  • Yoserizal Yoserizal Sociology Department, Universitas Riau, Indonesia
  • Yesi Yesi Sociology Department, Universitas Riau, Indonesia
Keywords: perspective; forest and land; tenurial conflict; Tesso Nilo National Park; Indonesia.


Abstract. One of the society’s main problems that live around Tesso Nilo’s area is the
less of economy choices in sustainable that make them possible to live side by side in
harmony with the Tesso Nilo forest. Another problem that also comes this time is the
appearance of land use conflict (tenurial) among the custom societies with the
companies of concession holder in the land. There are the research goals are: First,
Identifying the economy social characteristic of the society in the Village of Lubuk
Kembang Bunga. Second, analyzing the society’s perspective about the forest and the
land in the tenurial conflict area of the Village of Lubuk Kembang Bunga. This research
is designed using Mix Method with main method that is used is qualitative and
quantitative method as the main method supporting.There is also the research result is
the villager of Lubuk Kembang Bunga is classified heterogent, this thing is seen from
many existences of the comers that enter to the village from various ethnics. Most of
geography condition of Lubuk Kembang Bunga Village is plantation, animal
husbandry, tourism (National Park of Tesso Nilo), protected forest and water source.
Based on the knowledge of culture and society’s adaptation experience with the nature
environment, in general the original villagers of forest area of TessoNilo have
categorization system of land and forest use that are in the environment on four parts,
namely: settlement, polak, unirrigated agricultural field/garden, and forest.


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