Urgency of Port Management Arrangements in Supporting Flows of Export-Import Goods in Belawan Ports

  • Hasim Purba Faculty of Law, University of Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia


Abstract. The role of the port is an important cause in an economic
development, especially in supporting the smooth flow of import-export goods
to and from ports. The importance of the port's position and role, port
management and operations must be truly capable of offering excellent port
services. To be able to realize the excellent port service, the role of all
stakeholders in the port, whether related government institutions, business
entities, and port service providers, as well as the business world of port service
users, especially in export-import activities, needs to be arranged in sync, so that
each institution can synergize to improve port performance. With exist various
and parties who are both operating in ports where each other interrelated, for
harmony and smooth functioning of each is required an effective rule of law,
which can cut the sectoral barriers of each institution to improve the smooth
flow of import-export goods at ports.


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